Mechanical Synfonica

Format67 productions are simply inspiration. Everything they produce is of utmost paramount quality and it is the attention to detail that makes all their projects stick out from the sea of mediocrity. The epic themed “Mechanical Synfonica” again delivers and I’ve watched it over and over again taking notes along the way. This is a production to aspire too and we certainly can’t wait to see their next release. If you too are an aspiring visual artist, I highly recommend you order their DVD (It’s available as a digital download as well!)

Audi R8 GT Spyder

(Source: Autoblog)

This past weekend at Le Mans, Audi unveiled the newest member to the R8 family, the GT Spyder. Shown in a matte gray finish, the R8 GT Spyder is an absolutely beautiful car with power to match. The Spyder will be powered by the same 560 horsepower V10 in the coupe. Audi’s super convertible will hit 60 mph in 3.8 seconds which is only .2 seconds slower than its hardtop sister, and will hit a top speed of 197 mph. The same weight saving improvements of the coupe GT will also be incorporated. Really there is not much more to say about the Audi R8 GT Spyder. It’s the same R8 GT we all know and admire without the roof and surely just as awesome.

Audi previews two new cars

(Source: Autoblog via Autocar)

Sketches recently hit the internet previewing two new Audi models. First we saw drawings of an R8 GT Spyder. Not a whole lot different between  Spyder and coupe. The two will have the same V10 engine, six-speed automated manual transmission, 560-horsepower, upgraded brakes, carbon fiber bits, spoiler, and rear splitter. So the only difference is the lack of a roof and a top speed of 193 mph instead of the coupe’s 199 mph. The next set of sketches were for their new three-door A3 hatchback. Although at Geneva the A3 was shown as a sedan, it seems that Audi got cold feet when it came to releasing the A3 as a sedan first. Reports that came with the sketch say that their release order will be a three-door first then five-door followed by the sedan and convertible. With Audi’s previews just being sketches, we probably won’t see these two new cars hit the streets until some time in 2013

Audi R8 Hyper Black

(Source: Anderson Germany)

The euro-tuners Anderson Germany has added the Audi R8 Hyper Black to their collection. These guys are no stranger to the R8, tuning the V8 version and creating a race edition of the V10 last year. Now for 2011, the R8 Hyper Black has been revealed and can be described as a car with split personalities. Everything was done in moderation when it came to the engine and exterior. The engine just received a lighter and more open exhaust, new air filters, and a software chip that gives it 64 more horsepower and weighs 40 pounds less.

Styling was simple too, just a new pair of 19-inch rims painted to match the body and the Audi rings blacked out. Open the door and that clean look goes away faster than the car can hit 60. The “accent color” orange can be seen everywhere from the wheel and dash,  to all the stitching. Then someone got crazy with the carbon-fiber and suede. Every surface possible got covered with one of the two material. I don’t see this type of interior styling a bad thing, I just think it seems a bit out of place. The outside is so clean, no crazy body kit or bright orange wheels. So, no one expects such a funky interior. The Anderson Germany Audi R8 Hyper Black certainly does not fall into the disaster category, it just happens to have a bit of a split personality.

Audi R18 Revealed

Audi has been dominating LeMans for awhile now but in recent years Peugeot has taken the spotlight from Audi.  Now Audi has an answer for Peugeot and it’s the R18 closed canopy race car.  The previous generations, R8, R10, R15+ have all been open cockpit cars but now they are changing it up.  Could it be because they see it works well for Peugot?  Loaded with new features this car should be a head turner when it debuts at the 6 hours of Spa in April.

With a 3.7 TDI V6 it should be getting plenty of power and torque but that’s not the best part.  All LED headlights which is a first for LeMans, brand new 6 speed transmission and a single piece carbon fiber body.  This is one badass car to say the least.

Source: Audi


6 letters that are very well known to the Audi community. 9 minutes and 26 seconds of R8 bliss… German Rosetta Stone DVD required.