Yesterday, released their new video E3S4 featuring the very popular Rotiform 2010 Audi B8 A4. As you would expect from Awol it has perfect stance and a clean look. The A4 also features a set of Rotiform teal blue wheels that you definitely don’t see every day. Overall, E3S4 is another great video from the guys over at You can watch it here.

Rezmoto Goes Cross Country with an Audi and Porsche

Two weeks ago, Erik aka Ruckus, Co-founder and Lead Photographer for Rezmoto (Rezolution Motoring), drove from South Florida to California in his dumped Audi A4 on BBS LM F1’s.  He didn’t raise the car but rather loaded it up with cargo carrier and bike rack included.  Good to see those roof racks going to good use.

Note to anyone driving from East to West that is chipped.  Turn it off if you can (Thanks APR 😉 because you can’t get the 93 octane that you get out in the East. With high altitudes and 100 degree temperatures across the desserts, your car will throw a lovely C.E.L. If you can’t select the stock setting on your software, make sure to add an octane boost to prevent pre-detonation and avoid the lovely check engine light…

After Work…

After a long stressful day at the office, Ruckus and I decided, why not take out the camera gear and take some shots at the office garage.  The MK4 is the same VW featured in our V1.2 of the Magazine.  More to come from these cars.

After Hours


Every Tuesday night, VolksAudi has a get together where from 20 to 30 cars slowly roll into the secluded parking lot to grab a bite to eat or just sit and chat. As the night progresses, just as they trickle in, they trickle out, slow & low with just the parking lights on. Very often and at random intervals, someone calls out for a photo shoot.


Amazingly, 11 spontaneous candidates stick around way past midnight to partake in this spur of the moment early morning drive to a just disclosed location.


The photo shoot wraps up & dreary eyed drivers make their way home. This is what was recorded.