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Anyone that’s tried to squeeze every horsepower they can out of a stock Audi or Volkswagen turbo knows that they run out of breath way too soon. For years the “k04” was our go to option. Reliable zero-lag power from a factory turbo, plug-n-play, little to no customization needed; But roughly the same cost, if not more, of a big turbo setup (Let’s not forget trying to find the right tuner). Not anymore. There is a solution: daily drivable, reliable power without the lag. What’s not to love?

Meet your new best friend.. the hybrid turbo. Whether you start with your stock turbo, or an upgraded stock,(commonly referred to as K04) it’s possible to get more flow from the turbine (hot) side and the compressor (cold) side of the turbo. But how do I do that? With a little machine work, and careful selection, it’s possible to stuff bigger internals into your small frame turbo. This isn’t something new though, it’s just more recently caught on in the performance world as turbo technology and tuning has advanced a lot since the famous turbo cars of last century.

 Hybrid Turbo

Tell me more..

From 150/180 hp 1.8ts to direct injected, “hot-side-in” twin turbo V8’s, Audi/VW is no stranger to the boost game. EPA restrictions have pushed manufacturers to build smaller more fuel efficient engines, while the demand for power from consumer’s has risen. Thank you Mr. Turbocharger!

While 180 hp doesn’t seem like a lot, it is 100 hp per liter; considering a 2004 Corvette had 350 hp from a 5.7 (61 hp per liter), that’s pretty impressive. Fast forward to a 2016 Audi S3 with 295 hp from 2 liters, that’s almost 150 hp per liter.

Turn up the boost

By replacing that tiny 35 mm compressor wheel with a 50 mm (or bigger) compressor wheel we can change what our original turbo is now capable of. It doesn’t stop there though. What goes in, must come out. The same upgrade applies to the back housing as well. Increased turbine flow helps a turbo engine breathe more efficiently and make more power. There must be a balance, as bigger is not always better.

By building a hybrid turbo from a stock frame we’re able to maximize our performance while keeping things simple and stock in appearance. A true OEM+ setup. The advantage of this is often stock like driveability with much broader power and torque. Here at Rezmoto we’ve seen power numbers on par with “big turbo” setups, but with torque and horsepower coming on thousands of rpm’s sooner.

With so many manufacturers jumping on this bandwagon, the upgrade path is almost endless now. From billet extended tip technology compressor wheels to lighter turbine wheels, 360 degree journal bearings and upgraded wastegates.. how much power do you want to make? With this modern technology stuffed in your turbo, you get weight savings equal to stock, with much higher flow potential. Sounds like a win-win to me.

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