Wheels of H2Oh so sexy

We all know that what you put on the end of your spindles plays a major part in setting your ride off from the crowds. In the current trend of just slap some Rotiforms on your ride and call it a day, I was quite surprised to see the plethora of variety of wheels being rocked at this year’s tremendously infamous H2O. Hope you enjoy the joint obliterating  knee positions we had to endure to capture these: lol.

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Post H20 Blues

Are you having withdrawals from your magical weekend in Ocean City? Do you miss being in traffic and realizing every car around you is low? Or, do you miss everyone else taking as much care going over speed bumps than you do? Well, while we here at Rezmoto can’t make September come quicker, we can provide you with 5 1080p desktops that cover every aspect of that amazing show in Ocean City. Hope it helps with your post H20 Blues!

Girls of Rezmoto ADV.1 Wheels Photo shoot

Rezmoto has been a big fan of ADV.1 Wheels since their start. So, when we got the opportunity to do a photo shoot at their warehouse we couldn’t pass it up. There was only one problem, ADV.1 has hundreds pictures of their top cars. So, how did we set ourselves apart? Add beautiful women with the help of Esella Models of course. A recipe for success that created an amazing all day shoot. The result is a fresh new look on the ADV.1 Lamborghini Gallardo and Ferrari California that we all have seen time and time again. On top of the amazing article dropping Friday in this quarters mag, we also threw together a little video which will give you a behind the scenes look at the Girls of Rezmoto ADV.1 Wheels Photoshoot. Enjoy!


ADV.1 Episode 1 “The Beginning”

ADV.1 in only a year and a half has emerged as one of the leaders in the wheel industry, and this new video chronicles its success. Done in a dramatic documentary style, the video shows how the crew put their heart and soul into ADV.1. The cars featured are also amazing, many of the famous pictures on their site come to life in full HD video.  With this labeled Episode 1, I can only assume ADV.1 will be releasing more of these excellent videos. Hopefully this will only be “The Beginning”

(Source: ADV.1)

Crazy Colored BBS RS Wheels

(Source: ilovebass.co.uk)

If I told you that someone had a car with a different two-toned paint job on each wheel you would probably think I was crazy, or I was going to follow the statement up with “it was the ugliest car ever.” But, I’m not. Paul Hicklin’s Renault Clio was recently featured on ilovebass.co.uk, a dub group from Northern Ireland, and it has some crazy colored BBS RS wheels. It must be the simplicity of the white paint contrasted with the eye-popping colors on the wheels that makes this whole look come together nicely. On top of the funky wheels the Clio is on air, has some subtle body kit work, and a massive stereo. If you want to read the full article, check it out here. I have to give it to this guy, he took a bold move putting his Renault Clio on such crazy colored BBS RS wheels, and I love it.

ADV.1 Giving Some VW love

(Source: ADV.1 Blog)

ADV.1 recently posted a Slammed Volkswagen CC. They had some pretty nice things to say about VW owners “You want to know who some of the most dedicated and crazy car enthusiasts in the world are? …VW. Yup.” Coming from the guys who put wheels on some of the most expensive and customized luxury cars in the world is quite a complement. The Choice of 3-piece ADV5.0 wheels for the CC on air suspension looks perfect. There is not another wheel in their catalog that would have fit the same way. There is a sense of elegance and class with this CC.  The complete set of pictures from the photo shoot can be seen here, and any one of them will make a sick desktop background. Hopefully in the future we will see ADV.1 giving VW’s some more love.

Project Kahn Audi A5

(Source: Kahn News)

The boys over at Project Kahn, known for their high-end styling of luxury cars, have gone to work on the Audi A5. This kit means business. Included is a full body kit, 21-in RSL wheels, and the “bespoke touch” on the interior. Some of the most notable additions are the rear bumper and diffuser, along with the massive quad exhaust. All those parts add up to a clean professional look. I see this car more for the bad-ass executive, over the boy racer. That idea could come from the £31,875.00 price tag  on the kit, which equates to $51,070.00. No matter who this custom A5 is for, it’s hard to deny Project Kahn turned the Audi A5 from average to aggressive.


Wunschel Sport 35th Anniversary GTI

(Source: Wunschel Sport)

2011 marks the 35th anniversary of the GTI and because Volkswagen has not put out any special editions, the guys over in Germany at Wunschel Sport have created their own commemorative  35th anniversary edition GTI. The  collaboration between OZ wheels and Wunschel starts most noticeably with a set of OZ’s new Quarantra wheels. The car then sits a little lower thanks to some Wunschel springs. The tuning company then did a little work to the engine to add 50 more horsepower and 80 more torque. Not a monster increase by any means but it keeps this special edition affordable. Well kinda, to have this car brought over to the states, it’s going to cost you $46,257. That’s a little more than I would be willing to pay for some custom rims and a slightly tuned engine. I may just buy a t-shirt. With that said, at least Wunschel Sport stepped up and did something for the 35th Anniversary of the GTI


Reviewer for CAR Magazine dents a Ferrari FF

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2PhJaZhsxU’]

The title says it all. Jethro Bovingdon, a reviewer for CAR Magazine, was out testing the Ferrari FF and ended up denting the rims. Bovingdon was driving  on a mountain road talking about how well the drive train works. As soon as he says “just see how committed to the throttle you can be, on a road that  should not suit this car,” he begins to accelerate, and we watch the camera bounce obviously hitting something. Apparently, he went over the curb and put two nice dents in each of the right hand side rims. Guess he was a little over committed there. So, how about next time Ferrari loans out a car for review, instead of giving it to Car Magazine they give it to us over at Rezmoto. We promise not to wreck it.

(Source: Jalopnik)



ADV.1 Ferrari California

(Source: GT Spirit)

Least expensive of all the current Ferraris, the California has been considered by some as a chick car, but ADV.1 decided to change all that. Maybe being the lowest priced and least powerful Ferrari is what makes this car suffer the same fate as the Porsche Boxster. Or, the low numbers on the price tag and in horsepower allow people to write it off as a “girl’s car.” When ADV.1 got a hold of a California they looked past the stereotype, and made something any guy would want. With a simple fix of dropping the car a few inches and slapping on a set of ADV5.0TS’, the Ferrari California went from chick car to chick magnet.

G-Power BMW X6 M

(Source: G-Power)

It’s called the Typhoon S, G-Power’s newest take on the BMW X6 M. This beast has been bumped up by 170 hp to a grand total of 725 hp! The engine will take this giant red rocket to 60 in 4.2 seconds. That is not all G-Power did; They put a lot of work into exterior styling. Adding a more aggressive body kit gives it a strong look while at the same time reducing lift on the front end with increasing airflow. The Stock hood was thrown out and replaced with a lighter carbon fiber one. The X6 M was dropped 1.2 inches and placed on forged 3-piece G-Power Silverstone RS wheels. The backside of the BMW got a carbon fiber diffuser made specifically to fit G-Powers titanium exhaust system which is also made from carbon fiber. All of these parts are for sale individually or G-Power will make your very own Typhoon S to your specifications. From back to front this X 6M is another clean BMW from G-power.

Awol.tv E3S4

(Source: Awol.tv)

Yesterday, Awol.tv released their new video E3S4 featuring the very popular Rotiform 2010 Audi B8 A4. As you would expect from Awol it has perfect stance and a clean look. The A4 also features a set of Rotiform teal blue wheels that you definitely don’t see every day. Overall, E3S4 is another great video from the guys over at Awol.tv. You can watch it here.

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