Volkswagen Up!

No, we’re not talking about a scoreboard, the Volkswagen Up! is a replacement for the Fox that may be coming to the states. This little Fiat 500 and Smart ForTwo competitor could be the next little city car you see running around. Currently in Europe, it has VW’s 3 cylinder 1-liter engine. Good for the streets of Europe, but it is said that if it came to the states, that puny engine would be turbo’d to a nice clean 100hp engine.

When it comes to looks, this is one of the better city cars I have seen.  Clean lines, nice paint matching wheels and a futuristic rear makes for a tight little package; Although, the inside is where this car really shines. I am loving an all white dash. Something we normally see in concept cars, VW had the balls to take it to production. The rest of the interior has only the necessities, but in a small budget car that’s all you need.

The new Volkwagen Up! will bring a little competition for other subcompacts that are coming to the market. Even though coming to the U.S. is still a “maybe”, rumours of a power upgrade give the “maybe” a little more weight. Now the question is who plans to slam a Volkswagen Up! like this Fiat 500?

(Credit: Autoblog)

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