The Mystery Behind V2LAB’s Mystery Meat Orlando 2012

So the plan was to head out at the crack of dawn and drive up to V2LAB‘s Mystery Meat downtown Orlando, FL. to check out some of the sick cars that usually show up. 20 minutes outside of Orlando, I get the call that every enthusiast dreads to hear after a 3 hour trek, “Yo, the meet was cancelled.” WTF? What happened? Apparently cops broke up the party due to a few bad apples and an issue about permits. Blah, so I put out some calls to a few others that drove up the night before to no avail. No Answers. F*ck it…Let’s go check it out.

All I can say is Orlando is a dope location for an “Occupy”. There were sick cars everywhere, and more were to be found in the surrounding garages. Ya, sure the cops told us to vacate the original parking lot area, something about V2LAB and the property owners having issue. No matter, Church street was right around the corner and it looked like the streets became the event. JDM, Euro, VIP all cruising around downtown showing off their wares. Now this is what I’m talking about. Ya, Orlando’s streets are cobble stone, bad for static rides, a dream for every photographer.

Whatever the drama, the rumor mill was in full effect. FB was blowing up with the disappointed and we even heard the local news was spinning their bullshit for ratings, but INCREDIBLY we were still able to have a GREAT time. Can you believe it [SARCASM]?  The haters will hate, and coming to town as a guest, laying down rubber and street racing through downtown streets, I mean, what do you expect? Anyways, we weren’t about to let a few douche bags ruin our day and it appeared the few thousand others gathered throughout the streets were not either. Even the gang of Ruckus’ found a spot to lay up and just chill.

After a quick stop at Five Guys, we roamed the streets finding everything and anything parked down alley ways, scattered throughout the surrounding parking garages and on Church street up on the verandas. Make shift photo-shoots were in full effect. The surrounding architecture and cobble stone streets could not have made for a better shoot location.

At the end of the day, everyone made their way over to under I-4 where the party continued. Overall, in spite of all the ‘technical difficulties’, I think everyone made the most of an unfortunate situation and as unorthodox as the Mystery Meat 2012 was, I’ll be back next year with camera ready for anything.




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