2011 Volvo S60

Words: Juan Robbin | Photo: Motoringstyle.com

Volvo. Yes, It's Cool!

The 2011 Volvo S60.

When you think Volvo, you think mainly of cars that offer safety and at times, conservative, even uninspiring styling. This typical reaction is rapidly changing, thanks to the current line-up of Volvo vehicles which are actually good looking and interesting to drive. Yet, maintaining the all-important DNA that Volvo is so well known for. The refreshed styling and active safety features are perfectly highlighted by the newly redesigned and cool-looking 2011 S60.

Even though the S60 has the unmistakable Volvo lineage look, it most definitely manages to come across fresh and current. The roofline has an elegant sweep, ending at the base of the rear window and the front fascia looks forceful and modern. Headlight treatment is styled more aggressively, and it works, blending in quite well with the overall design.

"...you are greeted with an updated interior that continues to offer the clean and crisp Scandinavian look that is reminiscent of the current Volvo interior design.."

Inside the S60, you are greeted with an updated interior that continues to offer the clean and crisp Scandinavian look that is reminiscent of the current Volvo interior design, yet updated and modern. This works well for the S60 as it gives the driver and passenger a feel of relaxation and comfort without being over the top. Front seats are superbly comfortable, offering pleasing, supple-to-the-touch leather. Dash, instrument cluster and center console are brushed metallic, giving off a modern flavor to the interior. Switchgear and controls are first rate, quite pleasing to the touch, actually. Rear seat is comfortable for two, a smidge tight for three. Navigation system is a leap forward in ease of use and on screen presentation. Trunk is deep and spacious.

Driving the S60 is a delight. There is a noticeable, yet non-intrusive exhaust tone that does give a hint of sportiness to the car, especially when you go deep with the accelerator pedal. Steering wheel feels superb; more so because of the luxurious feel of the leather used around the grip area. Acceleration is smooth and powerful, not overly so though. Cornering feels direct and quite lively; this is due in part, to the AWD system and the excellent suspension set up. Braking is good, with a linear and powerful brake pedal feedback. The smooth 6 cylinder, turbocharged engine left us pleasantly surprised, making the S60 a bit of a stealthy, dark horse sleeper when you want to impress off a stoplight. For those that are tech and safety focused, the S60 offers a host of active safety features that will make even the most timid feel safe. These include: Lane departure warning, Distance alert/Driver alert control, Collision warning and pedestrian detection, both with full auto brake, (no, we didn’t ask for volunteers).

The 2011 Volvo S60: A brilliant mix of traditional Volvo DNA coupled with a striking design as well as useful modern technology.