H2O International 2013 Biggest and Best Yet!

This year’s H2O International 2013 was the year of the Audi B5 S4 and VW MKIV GTI. I swear I saw more examples of these two vehicles than in all the years previous. Maybe it’s because I yearn to one day add a VW MKIV R32 to the stable right after finishing up the recently acquired Rezmoto B5 S4. Or maybe it’s because there were actually a lot of B5’s and MKIV GTI’s..

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This years event was held at Fort Whaley campground about 20 minutes out from Ocean City. It could not have been located at a better venue. Hopefully this will be the new home for H2O from here on 0ut. Extremely organized, easy to get too (the line getting in was a breeze), and plenty of parking. Not to mention a plethora of awesome spots to park your ride for some very nice  photo spots.



“Audi B5 S4 shaved bay. Thought I would never ever see something like this. I can’t even fathom the hours that went into this build. Just WOW!”

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SOWO 2013

SOWO 2013 StanceWorks BMW E30 M3

Well, we’re just now getting back into the groove of things after the 12 hour up, 12 hour back drive from Miami to Helen, GA for the annual SOWO Euro Car Show. If you own a modified Euro anywhere on the East Coast and you weren’t at SOWO 2013, there must be something wrong with you. This is probably one of the best Euro car shows of the year and this year was the biggest turn-out yet.


This year, the vendors were out in droves. Stop by any booth and you found yourself drooling over the amount of sick parts available and at a show price discount at that. Walking away empty handed was not an option. APR even had two full lifts with techs installing exhausts, downpipes and programming ECU’s on site. Now that is service.

Audi B8 S4 on bags

By the quality of cars that roamed the small alpine town of Helen, we can all assume the recession is over. From HPI’s white signature covered VW Scirocco to Unitronics Jetta Hybrid to a newly modified Audi S6; There were a lot of sick cars parked on the grass is what I’m trying to get at. If new models are not your thing, not to worry, old school classics looking as clean as they did rolling off the manufacturer’s assembly plant were everywhere to be found. SOWO has everything.

VW MKI Shaved Engine Bay

Staying in downtown Helen at any of the hotels is cool if you book early enough, but I highly recommend renting a cabin. After the shenanigans that go on in Helen and the crazy fast drives through the mountains, it’s nice to leave it all behind and just chill at the end of the day in a hot tub somewhere in the quiet seclusion of the mountains.

SOWO Helen Cabin

VW New Beetle Slammed

SOWO Audi B7 A4

Overall, we had a blast. We spent some good times with some good friends, connected with some old friends and got a nice break from the daily grind. We patiently await to make the trip again back to Helen for some more mountain run shenanigans next year.

Volkswagen Up!

No, we’re not talking about a scoreboard, the Volkswagen Up! is a replacement for the Fox that may be coming to the states. This little Fiat 500 and Smart ForTwo competitor could be the next little city car you see running around. Currently in Europe, it has VW’s 3 cylinder 1-liter engine. Good for the streets of Europe, but it is said that if it came to the states, that puny engine would be turbo’d to a nice clean 100hp engine.

When it comes to looks, this is one of the better city cars I have seen.  Clean lines, nice paint matching wheels and a futuristic rear makes for a tight little package; Although, the inside is where this car really shines. I am loving an all white dash. Something we normally see in concept cars, VW had the balls to take it to production. The rest of the interior has only the necessities, but in a small budget car that’s all you need.

The new Volkwagen Up! will bring a little competition for other subcompacts that are coming to the market. Even though coming to the U.S. is still a “maybe”, rumours of a power upgrade give the “maybe” a little more weight. Now the question is who plans to slam a Volkswagen Up! like this Fiat 500?

(Credit: Autoblog)

Golf GTI Cabriolet to be announced in Geneva

About this time last year, I remember getting all excited after seeing the concept for the MK6 Golf Cabriolet. I read two articles about how it was “coming soon”; But, then there was radio silence for the better part of a year. Now, we are hearing rumors of the Cabriolet coming again. It seems that Volkswagen is planning on bringing a GTI Cabriolet concept this year to Geneva as a last hora for the MK6. Not much else is known as of now, so we will leave the speculation up to you.  We will, however, leave you with these awesome pics of what the MK6 GTI Cabriolet should look like.

(Source: Autoblog)



Appreciation of a well ‘stance’ car has no language or boundaries; And the guys from Rub’n’Roll of Russia prove that over and over with their collection of videos rivaled only by the boys of AWOL. These videos bring together excellent music, great effects and a mix of interesting cars not always seen. Rub’n’Roll’s unique take on the ‘stance’ genre is a silent story of a driver and his car and a day in the life… I like this new style because the man (or woman) behind the car deserves some credit and camera time. There are 10 Rub’n’Roll videos out and I watched them all in one sitting; They’re that good.

Build Your Own 2012 Volkswagen Beetle

(Source: vw.com)

Volkswagen has recently added to their online configurator the all new, redesigned 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. There has been a lot of chatter around the redesign of this new model. Probably the most famous and most widely accepted Volkswagen model ever sold, the Beetle has seen many faces over the years. From air-cooled to water-cooled, the Beetle has been around for decades and it has grown from a hippy mainstay to a teenage girls dream car. What does the next evolution of the Beetle bring?

Since our first post about the Beetle, I have had some time to reflect a little more on the model. I think it’s a much more ‘manly’ generation of Beetle than ever before. With its roofline lower and longer, it has a stretched out body style that evokes some kind of crossover appeal between a station wagon/hatchback/sports coupe, it certainly looks more like something I would drive. I imagine that when one worthy tuner gets their hands on one, its growl will come to light. Slammed to the ground, wide wheels, a little poke, clean it up a little, and give it a little flair and you’ve got yourself one hell of a euro-auto.

Volkswagen has sunk quite a bit of money into this new model’s release. Tons of TV commercials, magazine ad space, and the Oprah giveaway have brought the 2012 Beetle into the limelight. There is even a Beetle Blog that Volkswagen developed. I am intrigued by this redesign, and look forward to seeing what the tuner market will do to this hot hatch. The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle will certainly be turning heads in no time flat.

Mk6 Golf Video

Another quality video coming to us from across the pond. Ireland’s own I Love Bass crew has done it again featuring Paul McLaughlin’s mk6 Golf. Although at first glance you might assume this hatch is sitting on air, it’s not. A set of Eibach Pro Street-S coilovers does the job in conjunction with a set of Rotas that gives this VW that perfect stance.

Simply Clean 3

With Julian and Erik in Vegas this past week for SEMA, it left the interns to head up from home base for Simply Clean 3. Myself and Richard took a leisurely cruse up getting to the show “when it opened,” only to find it packed way past capacity. Cruising down line after line of cars to find parking spots, one thing was clear; the Best of the best in Euro and JDM stance showed up to Simply Clean 3.

On the Euro side of things aside from the usual VW MkIV, MKV, and MKVIs, older models were definitely in style. Richard was shocked to find that he wasn’t the only MkII there, but instead he was only one of four and every one of them was done right. Another crazy surprise was a nice ‘stanced’ out Volvo 240 that almost blended in with the collection of BMW 2002’s and E36’s that were featured on the “hard parking” section.

On the JDM front sea foam was in-style. One of the first cars that caught my eye was a slammed civic painted entirely sea foam green with white wheels. While that description may put a bad taste in your mouth I loved it. On top of that, a few Nissans and Hondas were seen rocking the same vibrant colored wheels.  Then there were the usual bad ass JDM race cars: Skylines, S2000s and WRXs all showed up in force and earned our respect for sure. One black Skyline on green Works specifically turned heads as I didn’t see a single person pass buy it without taking a picture with their camera, phone or at the very least mind.

Simply Clean 3 was an awesome show, over flowing with the freshest cars from the JDM and Euro scenes. I can see this show growing with time into an event that is on par if not larger than SoWo, H20 or the other major euro events, as it draws from two huge car crowds. If you’re located in the South East or willing to make the drive, and have an appreciation for all things stance, then Simply Clean certainly would be a show I suggest marking on your calendar for next year.

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Wheels of H2Oh so sexy

We all know that what you put on the end of your spindles plays a major part in setting your ride off from the crowds. In the current trend of just slap some Rotiforms on your ride and call it a day, I was quite surprised to see the plethora of variety of wheels being rocked at this year’s tremendously infamous H2O. Hope you enjoy the joint obliterating  knee positions we had to endure to capture these: lol.

Here are the rest of the ‘Wheels of H2Oh so sexy” GALLERY <– Clickity Link!

Post H20 Blues

Are you having withdrawals from your magical weekend in Ocean City? Do you miss being in traffic and realizing every car around you is low? Or, do you miss everyone else taking as much care going over speed bumps than you do? Well, while we here at Rezmoto can’t make September come quicker, we can provide you with 5 1080p desktops that cover every aspect of that amazing show in Ocean City. Hope it helps with your post H20 Blues!

H2O International 2011

H2O International is now behind us and all we have to say is BRAVO!

Another great event that no one on the East Coast should miss. It has become the pilgrimage of a typhoon of VW’s, Audi’s, BMW’s, Mercedes’s, Honda’s, Mazda’s, Subaru’s, Volvo’s?… my point being, the city of Ocean City, MD is taken by storm. Everywhere you look, in every hotel parking lot, every restaurant, in every nook and cranny, you will find some derivative of a slammed, wheeled up, crazy painted, cambered out, stretched, poked, bagged, coiled, stickered, HID’d vehicle. You have to see it to believe it. And we’re not talking about a few blocks; No, we are talking about a 10 mile stretch of pavement littered with the hustle & bustle of pieces of artwork shuttling back and forth stopping for the occasional spur of the moment, this empty parking lot will suffice, GTG (GetToGether for the newbs;)

Definitely, definitely mark your calendars for this event next year…

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