The Bimmers Have it

The third installment of EuroSunday was yet again another success. Arriving at 5 minutes to 10 at the nearby gas station to full up, I have an encounter with my first Bimmer. Noticing the carbon fiber trunk, I immediately assume it is here for EuroSunday. After a short conversation with the owner, however, the encounter is purely coincidental–I asked if he, the owner, is here for EuroSunday. Instead of an enthusiastic YES!, I get a questioning look. “What’s EuroSunday?” With a big grin on my face, I fill him in on the event he happened to stumble upon. Excited, he lets me know he’d be back to check it out. Little did I know 3 quarters of the cars that would show up were bimmers! And mostly all M’s at that!

A modified E60 BMW M5, an E39 M5, a plethora of M3’s [no less than 9 of them all modified in one way or another], a white Z4 M Roadster and an M3 CSL conversion were just a few of the bimmers that showed up. It was almost as if this were a bimmer meet-up. Luckily, a pair of classic 70’s mint condition Triumphs, a few late model Audi’s, a Jaguar S-type R, a silver W210 Mercedes-Benz AMG E55, a white Porsche GT3, a Porsche Carrera convertible, and a yellow Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera sprinkled the field of Euro’s. What a sweet turnout! I immediately greeted the drivers and took out my camera to capture the moment. After a few hours of conversation and photography, low and behold the modified bimmer with the carbon fiber trunk showed up. The owner was pleasantly surprised that he stopped for gas that morning and pledged he’d be a regular at future EuroSunday’s.

The plan was to drive south to Speed Demons while along the way we would stop and meet-up with some Mini’s. Being that only a few had planned to go carting, the opportunity to hit the pit lanes at Homestead Miami Speedway seemed like a bit more fun. There was a Porsche/Mini event being held at the track which provided for some awesome photography. Look for some planned track events for EuroSunday in the near future. I, personally, can’t wait…