Simply Clean 3

With Julian and Erik in Vegas this past week for SEMA, it left the interns to head up from home base for Simply Clean 3. Myself and Richard took a leisurely cruse up getting to the show “when it opened,” only to find it packed way past capacity. Cruising down line after line of cars to find parking spots, one thing was clear; the Best of the best in Euro and JDM stance showed up to Simply Clean 3.

On the Euro side of things aside from the usual VW MkIV, MKV, and MKVIs, older models were definitely in style. Richard was shocked to find that he wasn’t the only MkII there, but instead he was only one of four and every one of them was done right. Another crazy surprise was a nice ‘stanced’ out Volvo 240 that almost blended in with the collection of BMW 2002’s and E36’s that were featured on the “hard parking” section.

On the JDM front sea foam was in-style. One of the first cars that caught my eye was a slammed civic painted entirely sea foam green with white wheels. While that description may put a bad taste in your mouth I loved it. On top of that, a few Nissans and Hondas were seen rocking the same vibrant colored wheels.  Then there were the usual bad ass JDM race cars: Skylines, S2000s and WRXs all showed up in force and earned our respect for sure. One black Skyline on green Works specifically turned heads as I didn’t see a single person pass buy it without taking a picture with their camera, phone or at the very least mind.

Simply Clean 3 was an awesome show, over flowing with the freshest cars from the JDM and Euro scenes. I can see this show growing with time into an event that is on par if not larger than SoWo, H20 or the other major euro events, as it draws from two huge car crowds. If you’re located in the South East or willing to make the drive, and have an appreciation for all things stance, then Simply Clean certainly would be a show I suggest marking on your calendar for next year.

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Words: Rob

Rezmoto Geneva Roundup: Concept Cars

This time we are going to look at the most exciting concept cars shown at Geneva. Hopefully, we will see some of these hitting the streets in the years to come.

(Source: Autoblog)

1. Volkswagen Bulli

This concept gives hope that VW may bring back a microbus. This bus looks and runs clean; powered by a lithium-ion battery, the hippies will be happy too. Although not the latest and greatest in automotive tech, bringing back the microbus would be bringing back an icon.


(Source: Autoblog)

2. BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

BMW’s new roadster concept will never hit the road but the technology will. The dashboard will display information in 3D. This will allow points of interest and road information to be projected up into the driver’s field of vision. Drivers will be able to fine tune the display to show as much or a little as they would like and the way they would like for it to be displayed.  No word on how this proof-of-concept is powered but the body they put on display looks pretty classy.


(Source: Autoblog)

3. Toyota FT-86

This concept more than likely will be making it to production. The car has been in the works for a few years now. A joint project with Subaru, both will be releasing RWD coupes using 2.0-liter four cylinder boxer engines. I’m excited; Can you say Supra replacement?


(Source: BMWblog)

4. Mini Rocketman

This cool mini Mini will be be another addition to the line of Mini’s. Smaller than the regular Cooper, it’s designed to be super-efficient getting 78 MPG. Duel-hinged doors and the smaller size makes this car perfect for the urban jungle. It seats 3 and looks a lot better than a smart car.



5. Saab PhoeniX

Seeing a fresh new Saab was a bit of a surprise. The current Saabs look  pretty stale but this new concept really livens things up. A 200 hp hybrid all-wheel-drive system powers this new sports car with an apparently impressive MPG rating. Overall this car takes spot  number 5 because it shows a cool new direction for the Swedish automaker.

Well thats it, Rezmoto’s top cars of Geneva. If there is something you think we missed or you agree with our list, hit us up in the comments or on Facebook.