Nineties all-star RX7


When the Rezmoto crew put together a last minute holiday cruise, we had no idea we would get such a wide range of sick cars. We are, after all, a modified EURO auto e-zine, so when Andrew’s highly modified RX7 drove up, we were quite surprised. Not trying to show my age, this car was the car to have in the nineties. There was Nissan’s 300zx Twin Turbo, Toyota’s sequential Twin Turbo Supra , Acura’s VTEC NSX (which BTW was also on hand), Mitsubishi’s active aero clad 3000GT VR4, and Mazda’s sequential Twin Turbo Rotary RX7. These were the top dogs back in the day and still quite revered 20 years later.


Anyways, here are a few selected shots of the RX7 from Rezmoto’s first Holiday Cruz. Look to the next issue for full coverage.

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