Clash Production’s Monza Trackday Teaser

7 reasons you will fall in love with the Gumpert Apollo

  1. 650 HP Audi V8 Twin Turbo
  2. “Sophisticated Aero Dynamics”
  3. Double Wishbone, Double Transverse Control Arm Pushrod Configuration Front and Rear
  4. Chrome-molybdenum-steel Round Tube Frame
  5. Carbon Fiber Integrated Monocoque Safety Cell
  6. Intimidates the Most Interesting Man in the World
  7. Chuck Norris’ Daily Driver

Need I say more? Have a look as Clash Productions captures it on the tracks along with some other exotics…

Ferrari’s Official Promo for the F12 Berlinetta

(Source: Ferrari)

Last night I had a brief conversation with my buddy Scott about Form & Function and how each relates and interacts with each other. We chuckled at some examples where Form definitely trumped Function. Then I came across Ferrari’s latest promo for their new F12 Berlinetta. Ferrari engineers have once again proved that Form & Function can coexist in a balance that not only exudes beauty, but performs in a world class of its own.  The latest 2-seater coupe from Ferrari certainly knows how to get the blood flowing. Like the C-pillar winglets on the 599, the hood aero is simply sick!!!

Cars on Fifth 2012

Words: Rob | Photos: Ruckus

If there was one word to describe Cars on Fifth this year, it would be perfect. Located on the exclusive 5th street in Naples, Florida, Cars On 5th consists of blocks worth of Exotic and Classic cars flanked with the best shopping and restaurants that Naples has to offer. This luxury atmosphere keeps us coming back year after year. The reason why I say this year was perfect was a great combination of cool seventy degree weather, a great crowd, and the best cars to date.

Much like the variety of restaurants on 5th street, the diversity of cars at Cars On Fifth is quite special. There are very few shows where you see a classic truck slammed on bags across from a Shelby GT500 which is parked next to a Gulf blue Mercedes SLS AMG; While for the most part, cars are grouped by make and model, juxtapositions like that remind you if you like cars, you can appreciate them all. That ideal is seen throughout Cars on Fifth, everyone appreciates everything. Look in any direction and you’ll see a Ferrari guy talking to a Ford guy about his Mustang, or a crowd of Porsche enthusiasts admiring a slammed Rat Rod. Simply put, there is no hate.

So what stood out to me? Well, the first car that made me go “wow” was a gulf blue SLS AMG. There wasn’t a whole lot special about it, except that beautiful powder blue and that’s enough for me. My other best in show was the two-tone Ferrari 458 Italia. The black accents on this hot new Ferrari took it to the next level, and a great example of subtlety going a long way. This was why in a row of six 458’s it was the one that everyone was talking about.

I could go on and on about the beauty of dozens of the cars there, but I’m sure you would rather just look at the pictures. With something for everyone from food to shopping to all types of cars, Cars On Fifth keeps getting better and better with each passing year. Their only problem will be topping the perfection of this year’s show!

West Palm Beach Supercar Block Party

Last Friday night Erik and I decided to leave the old office and checkout’s West Palm Beach Supercar Block Party. Up to Palm Beach we went, finding a block of Clematis Street in Palm Beach shut down and filled up with exactly what you would expect; Supercars. All the usual suspects were present, Nissan GTRs, Dodge Vipers, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Aston Martins.

With the addition of a DJ and cool white lights, we were treated to a party vibe we don’t normally see at shows. The unique lighting gave us the idea to try out some long exposure shots. With people moving around some interesting ghost images were produced that only added to the pictures.

Check out our “artsy” take on’s Supercar Block Party, if you like this look leave a comment below!

Words by: Robert
Photo Credit: Ruckus

Do you like it from behind?

Hopefully you can get your mind out of the gutter long enough to give this some thought; Do cars sometimes look better from behind than from the front? Check out the rear views of the Lamborghini Aventador and the Ferrari 458 Italia below and tell me these euro whips don’t look stunning from the back.


As you all know, many people tend to evaluate the design of a fine automobile in the same way they evaluate a beautiful woman. Words like ‘slim waistline’, ‘curvacious lines’, and ’46DD tailpipes’ are flung around all to often when referring to the design of some of today’s automobiles. I believe that some auto’s are better looking in the caboose than they are looking head on. These two euro’s are prime examples of where more attention was clearly paid to the rear end design than to the front, in my opinion. You may disagree with me, and that is O.K. Leaving the side view, the 3/4 view, and the rolling view out of the equation, it is my opinion that I would rather stare for hours at the back end of these euro’s than the nose. Sue me.

Cheers to the ass-men of the automotive design world. Long-live Kim Kardashian.


24 Hours of Nurburgring 2011

What’s better than being track-side during one of racing’s most enduring races besides being one of the drivers? Being able to watch the multitude of perspectives uploaded to ‘The Network’ covering the 24 Hours of Nurburgring. This is where the engineering of these mechanical wonders and the perseverance of the spirit of racing is put to the test. One lap around is over 15 miles and with an entry list of over 200 cars, there is definitely no shortage of action.

Ferrari FF

From winter snowbanks to summer dessert, the Ferrari FF has you covered. The likely hood of you taking a joy ride through either of these scenarios is highly unlikely, but it’s peace of mind to know that you can in your brand new all-wheel drive Ferrari? Thought I’d never use “all-wheel drive” and “Ferrari” in the same sentence. Anyways, check out Ferrari’s newest shooting brake run the gamut of all climate situations. lol.

Ferrari World

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is Disney World for racing fans. Built with a 40 billion dollar budget and 4,000 acres large, the enormous complex holds the title of largest indoor theme park in the world. The guys from Fifth Gear have gone to check it out this new monstrosity and boy does it seem cool. From the fastest roller-coaster in the world, to a huge collection of priceless Ferraris, to a state of the art racing simulator, it seems like this may be a bit more thrilling than Space Mountain. Although the guys say the park doesn’t have enough fast paced action, according to the Ferrari World site, they are answering the call by adding more rides.

FG195-3 by Veedubalmighty

Ferrari FF Driving in the Mountains


A few weeks ago we saw a man driving a Ferrari FF who wrecked it in the mountains. This week is a much better story. A journalist from Denmark at a Ferrari press event in Italy strapped on a helmet cam while he took a tour of some snow covered mountains. Without cometary the video is very different from most media videos that like to tell you how much horsepower the car has and how well it handles in the bends. This pure and simple driving video is a refreshing change.  A first-person view is as close as most of us will get to driving a Ferrari FF, and tearing it up the mountains make it even better.

Street Legal Ferrari Enzo FXX For Sale

(Source: GT Spirit)

There is only one Ferrari Enzo FXX in the world that you can legally drive on the road and it’s now for sale. The car is based on the already amazing Enzo platform with a few changes. The most noticeable is the flared spoiler and crazy raised exhaust. Then the interior is totally stripped down to just the racing essentials. The engine had a racing makeover as well upgrading to a 6.3 liter engine from 6.0 meaning the Enzo FXX now puts out 789hp at 8,500 rpm. Defiantly a car for the track, it’s crazy someone would drive this on the street, but hey if you can why not right? Check out a link to the listing here. If you got 2,500,000 euros (3,636,000 dollars) just lying around and are in the market for a new car, I can’t think of anything better than this street legal Ferrari Enxo FFX for sale.

Subaru WRX STI vs. Audi RS3 vs. Ford Focus RS vs. Ferrari Enzo??

Yes that’s not a typo, some crazy writer over at EVO Magazine decided to compare a Ford Focus RS Mountune, a Subaru WRX STI Spec C, the new Audi RS3, and the totally out of place Ferrari Enzo. A comparison of just those hatches would be cool as none of them are available in the U.S., but throw in a Enzo and it makes everything more interesting. The title of the article appearing in the new issue of EVO is “Enzo Killers” and while we all know the hatches are not faster than the Enzo on paper, it would not surprise me if they make the claim that they are just as fun to drive. The hatches hit 60 in the upper four low five second range, while the Ferrari powers to 60 in only 3.4 seconds. So the question is, does that 1.5ish second difference really matter? The teaser video that’s online for the article shows the cars driving around the mountains in the south of France with the hot hatches not too far behind the Enzo. So who do you think will win in the battle of Subaru WRX STI vs. Audi RS3 vs. Ford Focus RS vs. Ferrari Enzo? Comment on the Facebook page and let us know.

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