SEMA 2014 Goes Wide Las Vegas Style

Widebody BMW


[PHOTO CREDIT: Eric Greco]

The SEMA Show for 2014 was any car enthusiast’s wonderland. It was my 3rd time making the cross country trip to Las Vegas, and it was the best yet! SEMA is a behemoth in the automotive industry. If you have warez to peddle, and you’re not at SEMA, “you’re doing it wrong!”

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Porsche 9P1 Concept

Here at Rezmoto, we’re always talking about the future of automotive design. What will be the next big innovation? How will new technologies be incorporated into the performance industry? Well, this video of a “Porsche 9P1 Concept” by four students from ISD (Institut Supérieur de Design) certainly shows us one possible path Porsche could take.

Note the power-plant with four belt-driven generator type motors. I would love to see the specs written out for this beast. I’ll presume this is some high output modified quad-electric? The detail is uncanny and the hours and hours of discussion, concept development and artistic rendering shows through and through. Anyone else want to speculate on the power-plant?

Hover Bike

(Source: Hover-Bike via Uncrate)

It looks like a speeder out of Star Wars, but this bike is no prop. This hover bike, called Mallory, is an Australian design that has a lot of promise. Set up like a conventional motorcycle in the center, it is controlled by conventional handlebars we all know and love. As usual, the flat twin 4-stroke engine is placed under the seat. Instead of a nice big wheel in the front and back there are two huge propellers for lift. To save weight, the entire frame, propellers, drive shaft, and seat are all carbon fiber. In theory this will allow for a 100 mile range between fill-ups and the ability to reach altitudes of 10,000 feet. Testing has already started and the bike will get off the ground and hover, but like any revolutionary project, a lot more testing is still needed. This bike is astounding and what’s even better is the prototype looks clean. I can just imagine these things flying around or being parked outside of a house already. If you want to learn more about this crazy new hover bike check out

Audi A1 Clubsport Quattro Worthersee Concept

(Source: Autoblog)

Worthersee is the uncontested ultimate Volkswagen/Audi car show in the world. For 30 years this event has gone on, and both companies reward their customers for their loyalty with cool concepts like this year’s A1 Clubsport Quattro. This concept is the first A1 to feature all-wheel drive, a staple of Audi’s design theory, and Audi did not stop there. The engineers at Audi have built a 2.5-liter turbo engine that sits devilishly under the hood capable of producing 500 horsepower. All of that power in the small hatchback will go from 0-62 mph in just 3.7 seconds and hit the limiter of 155 mph in 10.9 seconds. On the outside a more aggressive wide-body kit, carbon fiber roof, rear spoiler, and side exhaust were all added along with some unique 19-inch fan blade wheels. While the A1 Clubsport Quattro is most likely just fan service for Worthersee just as the GTI W12 was a few years ago, the car is available for download on Need For Speed and a similar body kit for the current A1 was released at the show

Lamborghini Sesta Elemento Announcement

(Source: Autoblog)

Lamborghini first showed off the Sesta Elemento at the Paris Motor Show last year. This beast will be the next limited run car, like the Reventon was in 2008. The supercar will have a weight of only 2,200 pounds and be powered by the Gallardo’s 5.2-liter V10, then tuned for some extra power. This will make the Sesto Elemento go from 0-62 in 2.5 seconds which is .4 seconds faster than the Aventador released earlier this year. These .4 seconds come at a very high price of 2 million euros (2.8 million dollars), but that will put you in quite an exclusive group. Lamborghini has said, like the Reventon they will only produce 20 examples of their new super car. Although, rumor has it, the Sesta Elemento will be limited to the just track because of homologation procedures for road use that would drive the cost up even higher (crazy right?). So, it would seem that 20 may be just the right number of people who would be willing to spend 2.8 million on the Sesto Elemento, because most people who buy a Lamborghini want to take it out on the street.


Gumpert Apollo Prototype 001

(Source: GT Spirit and Jordan Shiraki)

The Apollo was the flagship car for the Gumpert brand and now there is a new prototype simply called 001. The German super car company has decided to update their first car and power it with a tuned Audi 4.2 liter V8 which produces 650hp.  The powerful engine and light weight body result in a 0-62 time of only 3 seconds and a top speed over 200 miles per hour. I fell in love with this car when it was first featured on BBC’s Top Gear, and the prototype is just as good looking as the original. If Prototype 001 is anything like the original, it will be a true drivers car. In the Apollo, seats could not be adjusted because it would throw off perfect weight distribution. Traction control selection was not On, Off or Race; Instead, it was controlled by percentage increments. The kit included easy to adjust camber, ride height, spring tension, damper break/rebound, and anti-roll bar. Hopefully, the new prototype will not lose the ability to customize everything. Something tells me the guys at Gumpert won’t let that happen with the new Apollo Prototype 001.

Audi Quattro Might Be Produced


Might is the key word, but rumors from Audi say that they are taking steps that may allow a new Quattro to be produced. Shown at the Paris Motor Show last year, the concept turned a lot of heads. Audi’s Quattro division, the section responsive for their quicker S, RS, and R8 projects have been working on the  Quattro prototype. The prototype is reported to have a 5-cylinder turbo engine, all wheel drive, and extensive bodywork using carbon fiber and aluminum which has it weighing in 500 lbs less than the R8. Everything about his car seems promising so now Audi’s board members are going to drive the car some time soon and determine if it will have further development for production. Who knows, maybe if Audi relaunches their rally car it will encourage them to return to rally racing.

BMW’s M Garage

After last weeks sneak peak of Plant 0 we have another inside look at BMW’s M Garage. Many of the M concepts don’t make it out of the drawing room, but the ones that get stuck in limbo between paper and production are sent to a special underground garage. A collection of videos have surfaced on YouTube which showoff all these concepts in one place. Some of the notables are a M8 powered by a McLaren F1 V12 Engine, Ur-Roadster, and an E30 Pick-up. All the cars in BMW’s M Garage are pretty sick so let us know in the comments or on Facebook which one is your favorite.

Volkswagen GTi W12

(Source: VW Vortex)

Ludicrous, it’s the only word you can use to describe the Volkswagen GTi W12. Watching re-runs of the BBC’s Top Gear I came across this insane concept car. Produced in just eight weeks, engineers at Volkswagen just threw together different parts from their super cars into a wider body GTi. The twin turbo 650 hp engine comes from a Bentley Continental, breaks from a Gallardo, and the frame is off a Audi R8. All this ads up to a 12 cylinder mid-engine GTi that will go from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, ludicrous. A concept from 2007’s Worthesee, we’ll never see this beast come to production, but it’s still fun to watch the Volkswagen GTi W12 rip around a track.

Rezmoto Geneva Roundup: Concept Cars

This time we are going to look at the most exciting concept cars shown at Geneva. Hopefully, we will see some of these hitting the streets in the years to come.

(Source: Autoblog)

1. Volkswagen Bulli

This concept gives hope that VW may bring back a microbus. This bus looks and runs clean; powered by a lithium-ion battery, the hippies will be happy too. Although not the latest and greatest in automotive tech, bringing back the microbus would be bringing back an icon.


(Source: Autoblog)

2. BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

BMW’s new roadster concept will never hit the road but the technology will. The dashboard will display information in 3D. This will allow points of interest and road information to be projected up into the driver’s field of vision. Drivers will be able to fine tune the display to show as much or a little as they would like and the way they would like for it to be displayed.  No word on how this proof-of-concept is powered but the body they put on display looks pretty classy.


(Source: Autoblog)

3. Toyota FT-86

This concept more than likely will be making it to production. The car has been in the works for a few years now. A joint project with Subaru, both will be releasing RWD coupes using 2.0-liter four cylinder boxer engines. I’m excited; Can you say Supra replacement?


(Source: BMWblog)

4. Mini Rocketman

This cool mini Mini will be be another addition to the line of Mini’s. Smaller than the regular Cooper, it’s designed to be super-efficient getting 78 MPG. Duel-hinged doors and the smaller size makes this car perfect for the urban jungle. It seats 3 and looks a lot better than a smart car.



5. Saab PhoeniX

Seeing a fresh new Saab was a bit of a surprise. The current Saabs look  pretty stale but this new concept really livens things up. A 200 hp hybrid all-wheel-drive system powers this new sports car with an apparently impressive MPG rating. Overall this car takes spot  number 5 because it shows a cool new direction for the Swedish automaker.

Well thats it, Rezmoto’s top cars of Geneva. If there is something you think we missed or you agree with our list, hit us up in the comments or on Facebook.

Spotted: BMW i8

BMW’s new ‘i’ line of environmentally friendly cars will be led by the i8 super car which has recently been spotted in Sweden. Although it’s covered in that weird vinyl wrap, the body shape still looks slick. What we know so far is that it’s going to be a plug-in hybrid with two separate electric motors, one powering each axle. The electric motors will  be accompanied by a 1.5-liter three-cylinder diesel engine which will put out a total of 328 hp. This plug-in is shockingly fast going from 0-60 in a little over 4 seconds, while at the same time getting around 75 miles per gallon. Although this video doesn’t show the lightning quick acceleration, it’s nice to see the BMW i8 spotted and running after seeing so many concept pictures in the past few years.

Spied Shot: Lamborghini Aventador on Facebook

Just when you think Facebook could not get any better, now you can find spied shots of the new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 mixed in with the goofy app’s and your ex-roomate’s new photo gallery. The Lamborghini Club of Los Angeles has released the first good frontal shot of the new Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 we have seen yet.

(Source: Lamborghini Club of Los Angeles)

Beautiful huh? The Bat-mobile-esque front end is typical Lamborghini, as is the low slung roof and aggressive side panels. Expected to be housing a beefy V12 putting down 700+ horsepower, this is no dog. I’m interested to see what the final version will look like without all of the black cladding and tape-job its sporting in the picture. A mix of carbon perhaps? Only time will tell. I hope they ditch those wheels though, they are not my favorite. In my opinion, Lamborghini has not done the best job with wheel design in the past. These wheels don’t match very well with the aggressive lines, sharp corners, and masculine characteristics. Perhaps they should have someone at Ferrari lend a hand in wheel design.

2013 Lotus Esprit Trailer

A trailer video was recently released showing the new 2013 Lotus Esprit. With small sub-compact cars making a comeback in recent years with euro-mini’s such as the Smart Car, Mini Cooper, and Fiat , its no surprise to see Lotus coming out with a model of their own. The big difference being Lotus’ entry is attempting to create its own little niche mini-supercar catagory with their miniature models boasting huge performance numbers. Lotus says:

The ultimate Lotus returns in 2013. The latest version of the evocative Esprit continues where its forefathers had once driven. This exclusive supercar combines ultra aggressive contemporary styling with an intensive immersive driving experience, powered by an all-new supercharged, charge-cooled V8 heart giving stunning performance through light weight, in the perfect expression of Lotus supercar ownership.

Small does not always mean energy efficient, as is likely the case with the 2013 Lotus Esprit. With Americans gravitating towards the smaller vehicles and away from the mega-SUV’s, its due in part to their growing concern for the environment. Not that us tuners have ever been too concerned for the environment, it does beg the question; How well will a gas-guzzling mini-model sell in today’s environment with other small euro’s pushing 35+ miles per gallon. I suppose time will tell.

Microbus is Back

Back in 2010 in Detroit, Volkswagen unveiled the Microbus as a concept vehicle. It was a throwback to the older VW buses and was an interesting concept to those in the community. Nothing ever came of the original concept, but word on the street is that it might be back in the running. It would be nice to finally see one of these bagged to the floor.