Citroen Numero 9 Shooting Brake

Another shooting brake concept arrives in the form of the Citroen Numero 9. This very French video production highlighting Citroen‘s new design language exudes its sexuality with subtle sultry curves. Oh, and yes the car is pretty sick too, lol. For the lucky jet-setters who frequent the French Riviera, the Numero 9 will be THE saloon to rival the Ferrari’s and Aston Martin’s parked out front the cafe. Just be sure to park next to the electrical outlet because this concept is a full electric. Looks like the future will be electrified.

Citroën Gives Away DS3 via Facebook

Facebook has taken the world by storm as a networking tool between friends, family, and co-workers.  Many companies have jumped on the Facebook bandwagon and have advertise as much as they can because they know thousands of people follow them.  Citroën is not any different and is giving away 3 new DS3’s, their supermini hatch.  To get one you have to play DS3 StreetSeekers, a game, using Google Maps, that gives you clues where to find parts of the DS3.  One round has already finished but there are two more, August 17-21 and September 7-11.  Go get on Facebook and check it out, you might just win a new car.

Photo Credit: Citroën UK