SEMA 2014 Goes Wide Las Vegas Style

Widebody BMW


[PHOTO CREDIT: Eric Greco]

The SEMA Show for 2014 was any car enthusiast’s wonderland. It was my 3rd time making the cross country trip to Las Vegas, and it was the best yet! SEMA is a behemoth in the automotive industry. If you have warez to peddle, and you’re not at SEMA, “you’re doing it wrong!”

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Finally, The Flying Car We’ve All Dreamed About

The fact that this flying car (finally!!) is coming from the independent start-up AeroMobil as opposed to a major car manufacturer is just one more sign of the cracks in the protective walls of the old stodgy automotive guards. Just think about the resistance Tesla has faced, all the recent reckless recalls, and let’s not forget our generous government corporate welfare program. The current trend and spread of entrepreneurship may just be the sign we need of cool things to come in lieu of business as usual. “Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads…”

Audi e-bike

The dawn of the electric bike is upon us and Audi has upped the ante. Surprisingly, it is the auto manufacturers that are breaking new ground in bleeding edge bicycle technology. And why not, they have the budgets; they’re already using the technology; plus, it’s probably a sick project for Audi engineers to flex their imagination on. Using off the shelf, right-now technology, Audi has come out with a pretty nifty Christmas present gadget.

Citroen Numero 9 Shooting Brake

Another shooting brake concept arrives in the form of the Citroen Numero 9. This very French video production highlighting Citroen‘s new design language exudes its sexuality with subtle sultry curves. Oh, and yes the car is pretty sick too, lol. For the lucky jet-setters who frequent the French Riviera, the Numero 9 will be THE saloon to rival the Ferrari’s and Aston Martin’s parked out front the cafe. Just be sure to park next to the electrical outlet because this concept is a full electric. Looks like the future will be electrified.

Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake

Give me a brake. Does Mercedes really think they can fool us? This is clearly a station wagon, no? The reality is, it’s marketing. The same way Mercedes spun the now ubiquitous “4-door Coupe” concept, it’s only a matter of time before Audi and VW follow suit with their own shooting wagons…

Ferrari FF

From winter snowbanks to summer dessert, the Ferrari FF has you covered. The likely hood of you taking a joy ride through either of these scenarios is highly unlikely, but it’s peace of mind to know that you can in your brand new all-wheel drive Ferrari? Thought I’d never use “all-wheel drive” and “Ferrari” in the same sentence. Anyways, check out Ferrari’s newest shooting brake run the gamut of all climate situations. lol.

VW Scirocco

What’s up VW? You engineer one of your most exotic looking hot hatches to date and leave us Americans out in the cold? Don’t you hate it when bean counting bureaucracy trumps an easy way of solving AAD (America’s Automotive Depression syndrome). I don’t care if it would cannibalize GTI sales, I would never buy a GTI anyways. At the very least, drop the currently underwhelming R32 and send us the Scirocco R! The Scirocco R would tantalize and tickle the senses and all of America would be happy. It’s a much more grown-up looking hatch in my opinion and the Scirocco R would only provide the muscle to back up the shooting brake silhouette.  Unfortunately we will just have to look elsewhere in the U.S. VAG line-up to get our fix on.

Pass me my pills pretty please… blah.